Friday, September 11, 2009

My, how time flies!!

Whew, time flies!!! We have been SUPER busy the last couple months. Evan has gotten more teeth, saying more words... oh, and WE MOVED!!! We sold our house in just 3 weeks. Our new home construction should start in a few weeks, and should be done in about 5 months. Evan is SOOO excited about his new room! (as are we!)
We have had several trips to the Doc the last several weeks. Evan had fevers that just wouldn't go away. Turns out, just virus's... so no meds. But 104.8 when at the Dr's office is SCARY!! We had blood drawn, and a chest x-ray. I was in tears... i just hate not being able to help my little monkey feel better. He wanted nothing but to be held by mommy. Of course, i didn't mind too much!!
Hope everyone is having a good day! New pics up soon, i promise!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry for the wait!

Its been toooo long, sorry everyone! So much going on now. Evan has started daycare, and he just loves it! He has adjusted very well. Today is the end of his 2nd week there. Of course he misses Mrs Lori and his buddy Joe Joe!!
We only have 4 teeth still. Two on the top and bottom. Its just TOO freakin cute!! Im sure more are soon to come. At least he will handle them coming in better now since he's older. He seems to have a pretty high pain tolerance! He will fall, and get right back up again. This happens frequently since he can now climb onto the couch his self.
He is talking a bit... He will try to repeat anything you want him to, if he's in the mood. So im anxious to see how quick he learns more and more!!
We go to the doctor again in about a month. I hope to be back at least by then with a new update!! Hopefully more teeth! And new pics will be up soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 year old

Where has the time gone!!! We cant believe Evan is already ONE!!! He is now RUNNING around everywhere. He just loves his independence and wanders around every room looking for something to get into. Evan has a few words in his vocabulary, the most important being Thank You!! It is TOO cute! Anything he gives you, or that you give him, he says thank you. EVERY TIME! I have a big thanks for Lori for that; she uses it with him just as much as i do. Other words being used are mama, dada, ball, no, kiss... HE'S SO SMART!! He gives a nice big open mouth smooch to you if you ask for a kiss, and loves to give hugs too.
Evan just loves being outside playing in the yard. He doesn't really like the feel of grass, so he doesn't wander beyond the edge of the blanket, which is kinda like a play pen without sides!
Thank you again to all of you at his birthday party, and for all the great gifts. It was tons of fun!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost Running!!

Yup, the walking is now a breeze.. Evan has been taking steps for a bit over a week now, and he is getting fast! Watch out if you are in his way, because he will try to run you over.
He is pretty excited about his new car seats too. Sittin up like a big boy, facing forward... he is getting too big too fast!!! 1 year is right around the corner now!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost walking

Well, still no new teeth to report. But what is cuter than a gummy smile with two teeth on the bottom!!!
Evan is standing with ease, even bending down to pick something up, and keeping his balance to stand up again. He has taken two steps -more like 1 and a half, before he was down. He walks pushing his high chair, and his 'walking truck' all over the kitchen. And boy, is he QUICK! He can also ride on it - scooting with his feet. The videos are hilarious!! I'm sure he will be up and walking, maybe running, by his birthday!
He as quickly grown out of all of his 12 month clothes, and 18 month fits just great. Kinda strange considering he isn't even 11 months yet! Who sizes these things, anyway??
Ill be back with new goings ons soon, I'm sure!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Hey everyone. Evan had his doctors apointment Friday, and he was a whopping 21 lbs 10 oz. So pretty much 22 lbs!! Its time for the big boy car seat soon. He also had a slight ear infection, but its not bothering him in the least.
Last weekend we had the cousins over, and we got to see little Charlotte! She was such a good little gal! Evan was trying to bulldoze her over! He is SUCH a boy. You would have thought the paparazzi were in my house with as many camera flashes that were going off. We had a great time with them, and can't wait to do it again.
Evan has LOTS of new tricks. He plays patty-cake, he knows how to give kisses, hi-five (and low-five), and he can wave & say bye-bye. All of you that voted on Evans poll for month 9 week 3 are winners! Evan has stood alone several times lately. The longest has been about 6 or 7 seconds, but thats a long time for him! Every day his balance will be better.
Those are the big ones, and of course there are several other little things that just amaze us about him. We are already talking about the 1st birthday party. Its right around the corner!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Finally--we have teeth! His bottom right started showing on Friday. The one on the left is coming also, but hasn't broken through yet. Evan doesn't seem bothered by them at all.
As you can see, we had some fun in the fridge this weekend too! He just loves crawling in there when its open, so we just threw him on in. He didn't want to get out! Its also time to get the cabinet & drawer locks on, cause he is pullin out the pots and pans now. He's such a busybody, but its so darn cute!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun In The Snow!

We all played in the snow last night. Evan went sledding in his little ducky tub and had a blast. He has so many new things going on these days. He is pulling up to EVERYTHING, even cruising a little bit (walking holding onto things, for those of you that don't know what that means!). He just loves standing up and watching whats going on around him. Lori, the babysitter, tells me all the time how 'advanced' he is, and he is such a quick learner. Also that she thinks he actually knows that when the girls have their snacks at the table, to go underneath to wait for the food they drop! Now that is advanced!
He is eating everything in site, and has even mastered his sippy cup. Evan always wants what I am eating, even if he has his own snacks. Kinda like a little puppy! Take the new poll. Let us know when you think Evan will be standing independently!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

8 Months Old!

Well, actually tomorrow Evan will be 8 months old. Its been a while since our last post cause we have been so busy! We had a wonderful Christmas, and saw lots of family and friends. Evan is crawling EVERYWHERE now, and is so fast! Its his favorite thing to do-be on the floor. He has more words now too-MAMAMA, along with bababa. He is very strong on his feet... he can stand for very long periods. Kinda scary, Im so not ready for him to be walking soon!
Dave and I are lookin forward to the next Dr. appt so we can find out what percentile Evan is in. We know he is over 20 lbs just from us weighing him. We cant even think about getting him in 9 month clothes anymore, and even some 12 month clothes are gettin kinda tight! SUCH A BIG BOY! Hopefully we will be back soon. Til then - have a good week!

Still a bottle boy...

Still a bottle boy...

i know... he will HATE me for this!

i know... he will HATE me for this!

but it looks so comfortable!

but it looks so comfortable!

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Happy Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Boy!

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Evan & Charlotte
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